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1 Day - Cycle Tour Bangkok Countryside (40 km ride) 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 자전거 여행

Our one day tour takes you out of Bangkok and back into the Thailand of old. The guests will be picked up from their hotels. The ride starts at the Kamalulislam mosque, the hub of the local Muslim com...

½ Day Cycle Tour Bangkok Jungle (22 km ride) 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 자전거 여행

The half day trip explores the green heart of Bangkok: Bang Ka Jao. Close to Bangkok, this small green area has a unique style of waterways and small roads. We pass temples, local markets and Thai hou...

1 Day - Cycle Tour Ko Kret (22 km) 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 자전거 여행

This easy tour heads north to the ancient province of Nonthaburi and discovers the beauty of Bangkok’s hidden gems, Nonthaburi and Ko Kret. The ride starts at Wat Ko Kriang, near the banks of the Chao...

1 Day - Cycle Tour of Floating Market (30KM Ride) 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 자전거 여행

Guests are picked up at all major hotels in Bangkok according to our pick up route described in the terms and conditions. We then transfer by
a/c bus southwards to start our bicycle exploration of ...

Gulf of Thailand Bike Ride 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 자전거 여행

Exotic Ride in Charming Site of Gulf of Thailand Coast

Thanatharee Cruise & Trekking in Chiang Mai 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 크루즈

Departing Bangkok by cruising up the Chao Phraya River. Spend three relaxing days on board our comfortable converted rice barge ‘Thanatharee’. Bikes to explore the villages and rural countryside. Cont...

Cooking‚ Food & Culture of Thailand 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 태국 요리 강의

Thai food is an essential part of Thai culture handed down from generation to generation. Discover the secret of Thai cookery‚ learn and prove its excellence with your own taste buds. Our guide will l...

Chao Phraya Rice Barge Cruise by Thanatharee 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 크루즈

A unique opportunity to explore Thailand’s rural heartland along the Chao Phraya River on board a traditional teak rice barge. Leave Bangkok behind as the river weaves through the Central Plains and d...

BWT 04 Krabi-Khao Nor Chuchi (5 days / 4 nights) 볼거리 및 즐길거리 » Tours & Packages » 자연 및 야생 동물

We are people who love nature and love to live in the nature. We love birds and spend a lot of time bird watching with our friends in many places throughout the country. Our interest expands and we ...

Result 1-10 of total 14
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