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Private and Family Tour (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Private and Family Tour (Thailand) Co. Ltd.


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Category : 웨딩 및 허니문, 쇼핑, 명상, 의료 관광, 스파 및 웰빙 체험, 골프, 웨이크 보딩, 제트 스키 및 수상 스키, 스노클링, 스쿠버 다이빙, 패러세일링, 윈드서핑 및 카이트 서핑, 낚시, 바다 카약 및 카누, 민물 카약 및 카누, 급류 래프팅, 해변, 산악 자전거 여행, 자전거 여행, 트레킹/도보 여행, 코끼리 타기, 승마, 암벽 줄타기/라펠링, 번지 점프, 페인트볼(서바이벌) 게임, 동굴 탐험, 암벽 등반, 4륜 구동 오프로드 드라이빙, 헬리콥터 및 비행기 여행, 스카이다이빙, 열기구 타기, 골프 학교, 항공 학교, 암벽 등반 교육, 스쿠버 다이빙 학교, 태국 요리 강의, 농장 및 와인 양조장, 조류 관찰, 자연 및 야생 동물, 타이 복싱, 홈스테이, 민속 공연, 고산족, 지방의 생활양식 , 역사, 세일 보트/요트, 디너 크루즈, 크루즈

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We offer you private packaged day and multi day tours, vacations and holidays centered around Thailand's most popular tourist areas.

Our tours are designed so that you get to spend time and enjoy a selection of activities, however as they are private tours you can set your own pace or even customize the tours.

If you want to go somewhere that you have heard or read about please let us know and we will put together a private tour especially for you. All our guides are licensed, well dressed and speak English, we also can provide guides who speak Spanish, Dutch and French.

Our transportation is modern air conditioned and comfortable high top Toyota commuter vans that seat 8-12 people depending on the seat configuration. We use Toyota Camry's for our limo service.

All our transportation is new vans and cars which are properly maintained and insured. Our drivers are professionally trained and your safety is our top priority. You will enjoy your tours in comfort from the second you leave your hotel to when you arrive safely home. Find us at

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