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예술 및 문화

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Phrathat Si Song Rak Fair
Phrathat Si Song Rak Fair(Loei)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

May 2,2014 - May 5,2014

Venue : Wat Phrathat Si Song Rak, Dan Sai district, Loei province

worshipping ceremony to Phrathat and Phrathat bathing

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The sixth lunar month festival
The sixth lunar month festival(Chaiyaphum)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

May 4,2014 - May 12,2014

We persuade you to come to see Pu Lae's niece contest, Thai tradional dance and Chao Pho Phya Lae parade, performances, OTOP product fair and concert by famous singers.

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Wesak Buddha Purnima Festival
Wesak Buddha Purnima Festival(Nakhon Pathom)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

May 13,2014 - May 14,2014

 We invite you to pay homage to Buddhist relics, see the life of the Buddha exhibition and  walk with lighted candles in hand around a temple.

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Attame Bucha Festival
Attame Bucha Festival(Uttaradit)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

May 24,2014 - June 1,2014

We invite you to see  sound and light shows and  the re-enactment the funeral ceremony for the Lord Buddha ceremony, to wave the blankets for Phra That, to pay homage to Buddha relics, to give alms to Phra Asit...

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Ordination parade on elephant’s back Festival
Ordination parade on elephant’s back Festival(Surin)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

June 7,2014 - June 8,2014

The head shaving ceremony is held at Wat Chaeng Sawang (in the morning of 13th waxing moon, 6th month) and the group perform ceremony for encouragement (in the morning of 14th waxing moon, 6th month).  Let's see the...

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Tak Bat Dok Mai Festival 2014
Tak Bat Dok Mai Festival 2014(Nakhon Ratchasima)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

July 11,2014 - July 13,2014

The Tak Bat Dok Mai floral offering merit-making ritual is unique to Saraburi province. This ritual stands out from the merit-making activities conducted in the other parts of Thailand because in addition to the offering...

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Surin Candle Festival
Surin Candle Festival(Surin)

예술 및 문화,박람회 및 축제

July 11,2014 - July 12,2014

Enjoy the decorated candle procession through the city of Surin together with the decorated elephant parades. The visitors can give food offering to the monks while they are on elephant’s back. There are also art a...

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Result 1-7 of total 7
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