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Luxury Restaurant & Bar

Thai cuisine is renowned for its fiery chilies, fresh herbs and seafood. Spicy, sweet, sour and salt all hold hands to create a fusion of fresh, flavoursome foods. As well as having superb food, Thailand also has superb restaurants. Silver service comes as standard in most top end hotels, which tend to offer a selection of Thai and international dishes. Thais are rightly proud of the incredible variety of dishes on offer, from curries to salads and from fruit to fried food. Dining out here is one of the real pleasures of Thailand. The setting can sometimes be as good as the food, as it’s possible to take a dinner cruise or eat by the beach and watch sensational sunsets.

Once you’re sated, it’s time to check out Thailand’s nightlife. Bangkok has several areas worth exploring, including RCA, Silom and Thong Lor. Sky bars are now among the hottest, and highest, spots in town. These attract Thailand’s celebrities as they sip cocktails and look down over all of Bangkok. Whether it’s one night in Bangkok or elsewhere, Thais like to party, and love to do it in style. It’s possible to dance until nearly dawn at some of the hottest clubs in Asia, which often bring in international DJs to keep things fresh and funky.

The sky literally is the limit when it comes to Bangkok’s dining options. The city has neck-achingly tall hotels that have their own restaurants at the very top.

Dining in Thailand doesn’t have to mean bowls of rice and som tam. One of the great things about the kingdom, and particularly Bangkok, is that international options are never far away.

Eating in style comes as a given in many of Thailand’s restaurants. Fabulous settings, first-class service and traditional food that you’ll never forget come as standard in some of the country’s top dining spots.

Some restaurants just seem to attract the good and the beautiful, and Bangkok is no exception. Sit in some places and you’re likely to be a table away from a TV celeb, actor or singer.

Wine has never really taken off in Thailand thanks to high taxes and a feeling that the grain is better than the grape.

Given the level of beauty in much of Thailand, it’s no surprise that many bars choose to offer customers a bird’s eye view of their surroundings.

Every self-respecting accommodation has its own bars, but some are so good you may get to leave your hotel all evening.

Dazzling DJs, laser light shows and eclectic beats ensure Thailand’s nightclubs are always packed.